Force Pro USA Provides Resources For Funding Body Cameras

The below links contain great information for providing you avenues for getting funds / grants for body cameras. An Officer-worn body camera provides advantages similar to in-car cameras, including protecting officers from false accusations, collecting evidence for trial; and improving community relations. The difference is the body-worn camera can go wherever the patrol officer goes; when he steps away from the patrol car, such as into an apartment building or a house, records what the officer sees and hears. Detectives can use the body cameras for field interviews and victim interviews as well.

We will provide you information that you need to justify the purchase of our Citadel Solar camera to help stop graffiti in your State or County. In recent years, graffiti has spread from urban areas to rural and suburban communities.  Cities across the nation spend thousands of dollars each year to clean up graffiti.  The social and economic consequences of graffiti vandalism attest to the necessity of abatement programs.