Force Pro USA: Leading Innovators in Body Worn Cameras & Surveillance Equipment

Force Pro USA’s focus is on the sale of body-worn cameras and surveillance equipment.  The Company’s Founder, Paul Feldman, has 30 years of experience marketing to law enforcement. His experience has branded him as a well-known expert in his field which has opened doors to agencies all over the world.

On the Company’s website:, customers can view and order body-worn cameras and accessories as well as other products.

Paul Feldman has designed and provided security equipment that has been used at the Olympics, Super Bowl, the US Open Golf Tournament, US Mints, NATO Headquarters, Military Bases and Embassies Worldwide.

Recent events involving law enforcement agencies and the public that has been widely covered by the media has created a significant market for Force Pro USA’s products.

Force Pro USA anticipates receiving more orders in fiscal 2024 as the demand and public pressure for law enforcement agencies to wear body cameras grows. For example, in December 2014, President Obama asked Congress for funding to buy 50,000 body cameras for law enforcement. That was followed up by the Department of Justice’s May 2015 announcement of its $20 million pilot program for police body cameras. In addition, many states and local governments have also indicated that they intend to equip their law enforcement agencies with body cameras.  With Mr. Feldman’s experience with these agencies, the Company believes it is well situated to take advantage of this environment and generate significant sales of its mini cameras to these agencies.

In December 2023 Paul Feldman transitioned the web site and all rights to Joe Kosoglow, the new owner of Force Pro USA.  Joe also has many years providing services to the Law Enforcement community.  Joe looks forward to providing the best technology and future designs as well.

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