Force Protection Video and Veripic Form Strategic Partnership

April 14, 2016
CARY, NC, April 13, 2016 – Force Protection Video Equipment (OTC Markets: “FPVD”) which sells HD body camera systems and accessories for law enforcement announced that it has entered in an agreement with VeriPic Inc, ( a world leader since 1998 in managing Law Enforcement video, digital photos and digital assets to join forces to market their complementary products.VeriPic is a leading supplier of enterprise photo and evidence management software to Law Enforcement Agencies. Military, Medical Institutions and Corporate customers. VeriPic products handle evidence in thousands of criminal cases throughout the country. VeriPic is the holder of multiple patents for their evidence management solution software.“Our current model Camera the LE10 and the soon to be released LE50 will now be compatible with VeriPic Evidence Management Software” said Force Protection CEO Paul Feldman. “Force Protection has been targeting the smaller police departments (most Police departments in the US are 20 man and under) with the LE10. Now with the introduction of the soon to be released LE50 and the VeriPic Evidence management software and storage will allow Force Protection Video to enter in the larger departments throughout the U.S. our technology is better than the competition.”VeriPic® systems stores digital photos, audio files and digital video files on equipment, completely under agency control. An SQL (Structured Query Language) Database keeps data safe from deletions or unauthorized access. And you can set access permissions on multiple users to allow employees’ access based on a need-to-know basis from one user up to thousands of simultaneous users.The LE10 is a small body worn high definition (HD) camera which is half the size and half the price of most law enforcement cameras currently available. The LE10 is rich with features such as still picture ability 8MP, WIFI, 4x zoom and audio recording. The LE10 is now also compatible with VeriPic video software management.The Force Protection Video LE10 and LE50 cameras are rugged HD design which incorporates Ambarella (NASDAQ AMBA) made chips that allow cameras and other devices to record high definition video. It is the chip supplier of the popular GoPro (NASDAQ:GPRO) sports cameras.
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